Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jumping on the lip dub bandwagon

Recently, as part of the Follett Challenge, my school created a campus-wide lip dub, modeled after some other greats:

However, we only had two weeks to create our own lyrics, beat, and audio recording AND...assign classes themes, students roles in the lip dub, and TIME the lip dub to make sure it only lasted five minutes from point A to point Z. The most challenging aspect was making sure we made it to each target/location in the school by the specified time and that the students were ready (with PreK and Kinder, this proved difficult). 

In the end, all students came prepared, dressed in red and blue (our school colors) and equipped with the appropriate technology to represent their class.. 

Check out the finished product: Forest North: The Movie.

And, be sure to vote on the video starting on February 6, 2013 through March 18, 2013.