Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chrome Apps and Extensions Updates

It's time for a refresher on some more great Chrome Apps and Extensions.

For starters: Beatlab. Combine this with Audacity and your students will be able to mix their own tracks while learning the basics of rhythm and beats.

Picozu is yet another picture editor. However, this one is a great substitute for Photoshop. Since it can be done online, students are not tied to one computer either.

With both apps, if you are signed into your Chrome a

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Filtering with Google Forms

Recently, I wanted to move/copy any data that had an 'X' in the completed column into an archived spreadsheet. And, luckily, I found the formula to do just that!

Unfortunately, I'm still working on how to have the data in the original sheet with an 'X' in the completed column hide or disappear once it has been copied to the new sheet.

The good news is that this formula has many benefits. For instance, if you want a district/school-wide form where respondents need to select a particular teacher, you can use this formula to separate that data into sheets and assign the associated teachers with permissions to that sheet only. This enables groups to use one form and to allocate information to a set of people or a specific individual.

Check out this formula! It's simple and can be applied to a variety of situations, spreadsheets, and forms.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Educreations and Meograph help flip classrooms

Though Educreations was just an app for iPads and i-devices, it can be used via a Web browser--which is how my PC district has to use it. Nevertheless, it's still very effective in creating simple video tutorials. Educreations is simple enough for all users--students, teachers, and administrators--to create short videos either teaching a topic or showcasing what a student has learned. All you need is an account!

Meograph \ Meograph Education is a great new site for creating 4D Videos that incorporate maps, timelines, photos, videos, and narration. Not only is this a great tool for creating flipped classroom videos, students can use the site for developing presentations and end products on units they've studied. Currently, you do not even have to have an account to create videos. Though, having an account allows you to organize your work. If you would like management features for students, there is a small licensing feature. However, you can still have students create their own accounts without it. You just lose the management aspect.

To create a Meograph, you must first think of an introduction, body, and conclusion--much like a standard paper. However, instead of adding in text, you add in "moments." Moments can range from audio narration, maps, dates, images, and videos. Therefore, rather than having a standard paper, you can create an interactive four dimensional story.