Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Promoting girls in technology

Recently, I had the honor of joining two fabulous edtechers in Austin in starting of Edtech Women - Austin. In doing so, I begun research on ways to promote girls/women in technology. At my elementary campus, we just started our robotics program up again. This year, however, our goal is to get more girls involved. Currently, we have a large number of STEM jobs open in this country, but not enough qualified applicants. What's missing - education!

Over the next few months, I plan to partner with various organizations to help promote not only girls in technology, but women in educational technology to help close that gap.

Girlstart is one organization that reaches out to girls in STEM and provides them with training and mentoring, among a plethora of resources. Follow @girlstart.

PBS's SciGirls also provides great resources for helping promote girls in STEM.

The Texas Girls Collaborative Project is a database full of girls in STEM resources.

Engineer Girl is a subset of the National Academy of Engineering.

NAPE's STEM Equity Pipeline provides a list of girls in STEM camps.

The White House's Women in STEM page is full of facts and data on women/girls in STEM.

Know of other great STEM resources for girls?