Friday, August 17, 2012

Tracking student submissions within Google Apps

Though I've been using GAFE for several years now, I just now stumbled upon a great script: With this script, you do not have to search and find student docs/presentations/spreadsheets within the GAFE domain. Rather, you just need a class roster on a spreadsheet. After that, you can run the script on the spreadsheet. Now, when you assign work, link with the document URL, the grade you assign it, and the date it was submitted appear in your roster. What's even better is that you can make your own project groups from your roster--so they are not generic Google groups that you have to constantly change. With each project group, you can restrict viewing capabilities AND you maintain ownership of the documents! With one additional step, you can even insert a rubric into the spreadsheet for students to turn to.

Check out this video, which explains the script in depth:

To find the script, just open up your Google spreadsheet roster. Click on insert-->script. Search under education. Look for the doctupus script. Follow the steps to install it. Then, return to your spreadsheet. Click Tools-->Script Manager. Find the script again and click run. Now, when you create your Google Docs, you will find additional options for sharing and linking to your spreadsheet. Cool find!

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