Monday, October 8, 2012 do you say that?

Pronounced Tag-see-doh, this is a Word Cloud generator similar to Wordle, but with several added functions: saving and more layout choices. For instance, you can set your Word Cloud to any image you upload or select from the gallery. In the example below, I set the transcript of the 2012 Presidential debates to the face of Abe Lincoln.

  • Click on Load to enter in text, paste a URL where text can be found, or upload a document where text already is

  • You have options to change the word shape, edit the theme, change the layout, save (as many file types, URL, or embed code), or print/share. For training purposes, choose the Web tab so you can grab a URL.

  • My finished product: (the 2012 Presidential Debate transcript set to the face of Abe Lincoln). That’s it!
  • FYI--You may want to save it rather than grab the URL as the URL seems to have some issues with Silverlight.

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