Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#EdCamp for students? 20% time for students?

The EdCamp craze is spreading quickly. However, have you thought of incorporating #EdCamp into your own classroom.Recently, I took part in a great EdCampHome, compiled by some of my fellow GCTs. It allowed participants to write in questions and for topics/lessons to develop on the fly via Google Hangouts. It was one massive learning session occurring simultaneously.

After attending, I did several searches on twitter for #EdCamp and I officially became a fan. Not only do I want to incorporate them for each of my campuses, but I want to do a massive district-wide EdCamp for teachers as well as one for students. While teacher EdCamps may focus on Ed Tech topics, students may focus on any educational issue.

Where do you find out about what an EdCamp is and what the rules are? Check out Edutopia's description

Since this summer is the summer of making and connecting, why not try a new approach?

Check out Kindergarten Guru, Matt Gomez's, first EdCamp experience blog post.

Interested in joining the STEAM camp? Try out this EdCamp STEAM!

This Symbaloo will be updated as more EdCamp resources become available.

Additionally 20% time is making gains in the classroom. Originally a Google concept, it has been tried in other work environments and is making its way into the classroom. Check out this great example compiled by more GCT colleagues about the uses of 20% time for PD and for students.

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