Friday, November 15, 2013

Using technology to enhance the TEKS

Many of the teachers I work with still complain that they are not "techies" so they don't know how to do technology in the classroom. However, isn't the point of technology not to make it inaccessible, but to help teach in learn in ways that could not be done before? If that is the case, then technology needs to be accessible and the way we teach teachers and students need to change.

Should be base it on what teachers and students want to know or what we think they should know? We need to model for them the way technology should be used. But, are we doing that? I'd like to see teacher pd centered around building products to leave with - building needs assessments, building lessons, solving issues. This is meaningful and this is, ultimately, what we want of our students.

What does that PD look like? And, who wants to join me in providing relevant, hands-on training to educators and students?

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