Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting the Little Edu Things Going

Recently, I decided to create a site, Google + community, and a Twitter account to document all the little things that happen that make big changes. For the past year, I have tried to come up with the big idea that will change the world. But, recently, I gave a training on the basics of Chrome. After the training, I had teachers (who previously did not understand the term browser) syncing bookmarks, going incognito, and increasing their productivity by at least 100%. It was then I remembered that it's the little things that change the world. By teaching these educators to organize their bookmarks, they are now more confident and productive in Chrome, and will therefore, be more apt to use it and use it in effective ways in their classroom. Perhaps the change that happened from that training was the increase in confidence in reluctant teachers.

So, I've decided to document those little things, map them out, and watch as the little things change the world. And, in the process, help a few teachers share their ideas for products or change and grow as entrepreneurs.

The idea is basic, but the concept is grand. It is built upon collaboration and its success will be in sharing and communal support.

So, join in now and document those little things you have done. Watch as you start seeing the little things pop up on our map and changes begin to take hold.

Here's the Website for now and, here's our Google + Community.

You can follow us on Twitter @littleeduthings

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