Thursday, August 27, 2015

Become a Google Search Ninja - updates! #googleedu #gafe #gafechat

As we start back the school year, I feel the urge to remind others how important searching is as a life skill. As educators and adults, we expect that students can search. We start research projects and we expect students to be able to find valuable and critical sources online - without any or much training. This is a travesty to me.

When they leave school each day, one of the first things they will do with electronic devices is search. Rather than figure out the answer themselves or ask someone, many will search. And with millions of search results to sort through, that task is enormous.

So, to help with that and to encourage teachers to incorporate basic search lessons into their classroom, I have compiled some of my favorite Google search resources into one presentation.

Updates include:
  • Searching graphs of various functions
  • View the text version of large numbers
You can view for information on In the meantime, enjoy and search!

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