Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taking a break from Apps with bullying

This week, I'm going to one of Columbia's truly great festivals: The True/False Film Festival. Each year, it grows and improves upon the last with more films, great presentations, and chances to learn the art of documentary. This year, the True Life Fund film is Bully the Movie. And, it will come to select theaters on March 30, 2012. I will post more after viewing the movie. However, it speaks to a topic that all educators should address and learn more about. What's even better is that it comes from the students themselves. It highlights the appropriate and life-changing effects that technology, when used effectively, can have. Just think of how this project changed the lives of the students involved, the lives of those viewing, the lives of those that get to share in the experience, and so forth. This furthers my belief that student-created documentaries have the power to change education within and outside of school. It speaks beyond the classroom walls. So, go and see Bully the Movie and witness the power of documentaries and a powerful message that is even more prominent now!

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