Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embedded PDF issues in Blogger posts

I have been inserting embedded Google Docs into my Blogger posts for sometime. However, I recently tried to embed a PDF that I had uploaded to Google Drive into one of my Blogger posts. Unfortunately, it is not so smooth. 

Yes, the document embeds alright. The problem is that when you open the blog, it automatically jumps to the start of the embedded PDF and bypasses any text in front of it. So, if you add additional posts after your post with the embedded PDF, it will always jump to the top of that PDF. This is a problem. 

I have tried using my iframe code for known working Google Docs (that worked in my posts) and replacing the doc ID with my PDF ID; however, that did not fix anything. 

Though many may not try to do this, it is a bizarre problem to have. 

The search for a solution will continue! 


  1. have you ever had your blog jump to an embedded google doc, like in an older post? It is happening every time on one of my blogs, there are several docs embedded and it will not just open the page at the top. It always goes to a doc, like there is an anchor or something.

  2. i have the same problem too .. i can't find a solution

  3. did you ever find a solution to this problem? I too am at an inpass!!!

  4. I found a solution which worked for me, just in case anyone comes against the same problem and looks here for help.

    I used the code from this website and added in my pdf ID number.