Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moodle meets GAFE?

As our district begins to create Google accounts for all students as part of the GAFE development, we look for ways to manage student activity, accounts, and learning. Hapara is one solution to that problem--the teacher dashboard. At the admin level, classrooms can be set up for teachers and students.

Once the classroom is set up, school-level folders are created for student work. Teachers have the ability to oversee student email. And, teachers even have the ability to manage documents by class and by student and by recent modification.

Teacher dashboard is a great blend of Moodle and Google--classroom management meets the Google Cloud via GAFE.

It is an add-on to GAFE; however, it does cost $4 per student. Many districts start small with just a few classrooms. Though, if teacher classroom exists, I believe the capability to expand classroom management software to GAFE exists. So, if your district cannot afford the fee, keep looking--the technology is there!

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