Friday, February 22, 2013 and, collabroation for the creative people is back! It has been revised and additional features have been added.

What is it? It's a collaborative whiteboard space that seamlessly integrates with Google. And, the final product can be shared. It contains the design features of a Google Drawing or Powerpoint since you can edit backgrounds, group objects, bring objects forward and backward, and lock objects.

What's so cool about it? The whiteboard space can be exported as an image file when all is said and done. It allows you to embed your Google Docs into the whiteboard space with a handy Google button. It also gives extreme creative-minded individuals an outlet to collaborate on.

What's it comparable to? is a very similar tool. Both happen to be in beta modes as well. Both are infographic tools. offers a few more creative options, but gives more starter templates (known as Vhemes). If you are an avid Google user, links directly to your Google files. And, while allows users to export their canvas, is only available online.

Check out this Smore page for more information on the power of as well as some great examples.

If you want your students to be able to build their own infographics and to organize and present information effectively, both of these tools will work great!

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