Friday, February 22, 2013

YouTube EDU is worth the time

YouTube EDU and YouTube Teachers have both been around for a while, however, I have only recently started to use them after changes were made in YouTube/Google +.

YouTube EDU categorizes videos based on the educational topics. For instance, there is an engineering category, a university category, and so forth. You can also find the channels for many of the major universities.

YouTube Teachers is a channel that is part of YouTube EDU. It is specifically designed for teachers and for sharing of lesson videos.

YouTube for Schools is what allows schools to develop their own channels (playlists) that are part of YouTube EDU. It is enabled at the domain level and allows teachers and students to search a more filtered version of YouTube.

All three of these varieties of YouTube are great for education and are great learning tools! As schools adopt versions of the "Flipped Classroom" approach, YouTube's education section will become even more valuable.

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