Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My favorite new finds

Just when I thought I was up to speed on all of the latest and greatest Chrome Apps and Extensions, I stumbled upon more. Though, I don't condone teaching to the latest and greatest tools, I find these tools all enhance processes teachers already do.

Screencastify - this extension works for screencasting on Chromebooks! There is an experimental version where you can screencast over your desktop. However, the known working feature is screencasting in your browser tabs, which is why it is perfect for Chromebooks! Simply, click on the extension when you are ready to record. All of your recordings are saved within the extension so you access them. You have the ability to immediately upload it to YouTube or download the video file.
glinks - Would you like a folder of links to share with others? Why not add the glinks app for Google Drive so you can create those links right from Google Drive.
Floorplanner - Would you like for your students to create spaces? Do build experiments? Why not try floorplanner? It builds floor designs right from within your Google Drive.

Stay tuned for some classroom examples of each of these applications.

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