Friday, April 4, 2014

#warriorcode Day 5: Lessons Learned

We are on our last day of the first ever #warriorcode event at Westwood. Though our numbers were not exactly what we wanted, the act of still getting students to participate was beneficial.

Next year, I'd like to promote better and not shy away from terms. I'd also like for there to be at least two strands: a learners' strand and a coders' strand. One for basic introduction to code and another for projects and solutions. With both strands occurring, students could learn and code.

And, if the events were held twice a year - once in fall and once in spring, those who learned in the fall could code in the spring and so forth.

And, I'd like to start hosting nights throughout the year, alerting students and teachers to the following learning sites:

Stay tuned as we prepare for more code events in the future. And...more ideas are welcome!

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