Wednesday, April 30, 2014


An oldie, but a goodie. As I go through my classrooms and monitor teachers and students, I see a lot of great things. However, when I go onto Twitter, I see examples of many great teaching moments as well. The difference is some of those teachers have thousands of followers and others clamor to hear them speak. Though they are innovative teachers, what makes them more "follow-worthy" than the teachers doing innovative things who aren't on Twitter.

Of course, an argument can be made for why educators should be connected....

There have become two worlds - the worlds of innovation many of my teachers live in and the worlds of innovation Twitter users live in. When I speak to my teachers, many view Twitter as a separate land. They do not know the innovators on Twitter just as the innovators on Twitter do not know my teachers.

But, is either "world" more worthy of presenting or speaking? And, who are those on Twitter preaching to? The ones already connected? What about the ones who aren't connected? So, yes, the Twitter innovators are innovating and the have thousands of followers, but aren't those people already innovating (they're at least connected)?

So, my question is - how can we award those teachers who innovate but aren't active on Twitter and how can we help make Twitter more representative of an actual school make-up? It seems to be a battle I've had since I started trying to innovate education. How can we join the two worlds?

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