Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 3: My 30 day blogging challenge

It's day 3 of my blogging challenge. If you missed what it is all about, you can read more about it in Day 1.

Today, I've been tasked with: Discuss one observation area you would like to improve on your next teacher evaluation.

Since I am no longer a classroom teacher, I don't have an observation area per-say. However, I can reflect upon my own instructional technology department's goals.

As a classroom teacher, I worked hard to help my students, but was often frustrated that, when they went home, that help seemed to cease or there was a barrier. As an ITS, those frustrations and challenges are the same. In order to help learning across the board, learning in all populations must be addressed. So, that means we must better support our community and parents/guardians in their own learning. If they are not also supported, how can they support students when they leave the classroom? Luckily, with tools like Google Apps for Education and Google +, we can help connect educators to the community and to parents. A teacher's impact and range can be greater than ever before.

My area, then, is to focus beyond the teachers and onto a student's network of support. For instance, I will offer parent lunches to learn a quick topic or to showcase what their students are doing. Last year, I was able to get some parents set up with Duolingo to assist them in learning English AND get gmail accounts set up so they can keep in contact with their child's teachers. Though simple, this now means that the student is better supported. And, isn't that our end goal?

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