Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Google Classroom - Month 3

Three months ago, my teachers took the plunge into Google Classroom and have not looked back since. There are now teachers who were not using Google Apps who now using it as a result of Google Classroom. I still have several teachers on the line on whether or not to use it and plenty not using it.

Though I don't think all teachers need to use it, I think it fulfills several basic functions like digital dropboxes that can't be overlooked. It also allows teachers and students to be mobile and to be non-device specific. With new devices entering the classrooms and businesses frequently, it's crucial to be able to operate no matter the platform.

So, I'm composed a list of frequently asked questions for why you should use Google Classroom and how you can make the migration simple. These ideas are not new. However, I've kept them concise so as not to overwhelm teachers.

Lastly, I've found that creating a Google Classroom for staff is a miracle in the making. One drawback for my teachers was that they did not know what it looked like from a student's perspective. So, why not create a faculty Google Classroom? Have teachers join as teachers (important) and then, post assignments for them. Allow them to add comments and turn in work. This is a huge eye-opener for staff!

View the complete Google Classroom Tips & Tricks below and here.


To make your classroom migration smoother


Choose to either turn this feature off or educate users on this feature.
Option 1: Educate students - remind them that their name is displayed next to their post and can be
easily printed for administrative action.

Option 2: Set students to read-only viewing - With this component, students
cannot post. They can only view the teacher’s posts.


Install this or have your ITS install this for you. Since Google Classroom creates accompanying
Google Drive folders, this allows teachers and students to access their classroom files from their
desktop - perfect for when the Internet goes out.

If you use Google Classroom for no other reason than for a digital dropbox, you are still making
waves. No more worries about how to share documents and folders; Classroom does it all for you.
Assign ANY type of file for your students (even Photoshop) and allow them to upload it to classroom. Access it online or on your desktop (for those who downloaded Google Drive for Desktop).


Since you cannot pin a post to the top of your stream, why not use the About section to put in links to
documents/files that students will need throughout the semester or year. By placing links in this
section, students no longer have to scroll for information.


The temptation is strong for some of us, but leave those Google Classroom folders alone in your
Google Drive. This is the advantage to Google Classroom - you don’t have to manage those Google Drive folders and sharing anymore. So, let Google Classroom take care of it for you. Think of of this as just a storage space. The real work happens in Google Classroom.

  1. Stay tuned for more!

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