Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fen Favs in Google Slides & more Google Tools!

I've seen and made a ton of how-tos for Google. However, I often find myself asking - what are others' favs? What are the selling points for Google? So, with that in mind, I'm starting a series of short Google Slides with my favs and the favs of my teachers. Feel free to comment with your favs. I would love a collection of ideas that are easy to find and easily searchable. Because, unfortunately, it's also easy to get lost and overwhelmed in ideas.

So, let's start with Slides - here are my favs and my staff's favs. What are yours?

Here are some of my other favs - What are yours?



Google +


Let's see if we can make an easy-to-access resource for others to find new ideas that are easy to implement and easy to revolutionize!

Check out for more Google-icious information. Respond to this post with your favorite ideas for Google Slides & Sheets!

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