Thursday, December 4, 2014

Google +: a match made in heaven

Our district is and has been a fully implemented GAFE domain for sometime. We've used Google + Communities since they first started and, as a result, they have become an integral part of our learning, sharing, and growth.

Still, though, I still get a lot of push back from educators who are afraid of "Google taking over your life" with Google +. Though, I won't argue the logistics and ethics of this, I will say that you can still use social media - despite its invasion - to learn and grow. And, with school-issued Google + accounts, educators do not even need to set up a separate account or profile. It's already there!

And, don't worry about lurking - you can still lurk until or if you decide you want to share out to the Google + world.

In the meantime - in case you aren't already sold - I've listed my favorite features of Google + as well as a few favorites of my teachers.

Please respond with your favorites! I'd love to create a collection of practical uses of Google +!

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