Monday, June 8, 2015

Free images & image marquees for #google #sites!

I love finding ways to make Google Sites more...beautiful (it can be done). So, today, I've added in a list of resources for finding free images as well as how to add marquees to your Website. Check out to find both presentations (Google Sites 1 and Google Sites 2). 

Free images (from John Rampton)

Need Creative Commons or free to use (be sure to cite!) images for your Website? Check out these!

  • Pixabay - A large database of public domain images
  • New Old Stock - Vintage photos from the public archives
  • Unsplash - Graphically pleasing creative commons images
  • Foodie's Feed - High-res food images that are free to use (w/o citation) but cannot be sold..
  • Death to the Stock Photo - Free to use images for commerical images, but must cite appropriately
  • Magdeleine - Great high-res images that are public domain or free to use without attribution

Marquees (from Jedip Verma)

You can also add an image marquee (scrolling bar of images) to any page of your Google Site. Check out how here along with an example.

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