Thursday, December 3, 2015

#Google #addons just got even better

If you haven't checked out the add-ons available on Docs, Sheets, & Forms recently, you should. There some some add-ons that can revolutionize how you use the tools.

Check out the full list of add-ons on the Add-ons Make or Break Presentation. Check out for more scripts and add-ons!

Recently, I've tried out these add-ons with some success. Give them a try!

Docs add-ons:
  • Doc Secrets - hide elements of your document so only certain people can see it
  • Revision Assistant - a more precise way of giving revision feedback
  • Copy Comments - copy the comments from one document to another
Sheets add-ons:
  • Add Reminders: From a Spreadsheet, send reminders to your email!
  • Sort by color: sort cells by color
  • Random Generator: randomly generate names and numbers in a spreadsheet
  • Sites Catalog: create a listing of all sites in a domain on a spreadsheet - can be inserted onto a Webpage
  • Calendar Event Importer: import events from a calendar to a spreadsheet
  • Geocode: using latitude and longitude, create maps from a spreadsheet
  • Twitter Archiver: create an archive of all Twitter chats in a spreadsheet
  • Import Calendar Events to Spreadsheet: import events from a calendar to a spreadsheet

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