Friday, December 4, 2015

Let's get #chromified updates! #chromeedu

There are so many wondefully unexplored areas of Chrome so, I had to make a presentation out of all of the ways Chrome amazes me. Though, I would like Google to make the signing in process more clear. I have many teachers who get confused by the blue Google sign-in versus the Google Chrome sign-in. They are two different things - one signs you into your Chrome account AND your Google Apps account and the other ONLY signs you into your Google Apps account. While there is a need for both, the difference is confuses many.

That point aside, I recently found a few more tools to add to my Let's Get Chromified presentation. You can find more Google Chrome goodness as well as a directory of my favorite apps and extensions (created using Awesome Tables) on

Recent finds:

  • Keyboard shortcut to sign-out: The keyboard shortcut Control Shift Q (Command Shift Q on a Mac)
  • Koding App: A robust & feature rich cloud-based development environment complete with free VMs, an attractive IDE & sudo level terminal access!


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