Monday, September 16, 2013

A Year of Collaboration Project

Since education is not based on solely what you know, but on what your network knows, shouldn't our goal as educators be to encourage and promote collaboration? It is a 21st century skill and it is heavily represented in the NETS*T and NETS*S.

With collaboration in mind, I have designated this year the year of collaboration. Within my district, I am working with librarians to help them collaborate with their instructional technology specialists so they can disseminate that learning and collaborative knowledge to their teachers and then, to their students, thereby building a learning network.

To highlight the collaboration, I have developed a Thinglink with the help of several colleagues. As librarians and ITSs collaborate and build collaborative projects on their campuses, they will put an interactive dot on our Thinglink map. By the end of the year, I hope to "blow this map through the house" with examples of collaboration, thereby building communities of innovation rather than isolated pockets.

We have built a blog to chronicle these endeavors, but want to open this up to others to see how collaboration can connect communities worldwide in learning - how it can improve education.

Check out day one of our Year of Collaboration Project - Let's Get Digital!

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