Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#GTACHI Plan Revealed

Stephanie Cerda (@ms_cerda) and I connected this summer at the Google Teacher Academy (#gtachi) when we both discovered we were the two Austin, Texas representatives. During our discussions, we agreed that there were a lot of pockets of innovation, but those pockets were disconnected. Together, we decided to connect those pockets by reaching out to tech startups and others in the tech industry and educators. Too often, tech vendors sought out teaches and, as a result, tools drove educational change. However, we believe educators should drive educational and tech changes. Therefore, we have created a form to help connect those in the tech industry with educators. Educators and tech vendors can chart what they are wanting and will be instantly connected with those that match their needs. Every two weeks, we will feature a hangout on-air where we moderate discussions between the featured tech vendors and educators. Our goal is to allow those pockets of innovation to connect and spread, thereby changing education, and eventually - the world.

This project is in its very infant stages, but here is a preview of our Site.

We have started a Twitter Hashtag to help build discussions: #edtechconnect

We have also started a Google + community to help connect educators and those in the tech industry.

We hope this collaboration will drive educational change and will improve and enhance learning for all.  We still need to work on our design, but our idea is out there. Who wants to join in on this change?!

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