Monday, September 23, 2013

What are you passionate about?

Recently, I read a great tweet by @marcprensky on Twitter that read:

If every teacher asked every kid “What are you passionate about?” & recorded & used the answers, our education would improve overnight.
What if we asked ourselves that as well? What would education look like? What would the world look like?

How often do we struggle to related foreign concepts, standards, and skills student learning? If your teaching experience was like mine, this is an everyday battle. Instead of trying to relate a foreign concept to student interest and real world experiences, why don't we try to start with what we do know and what our students know - what they are passionate about - and build our curriculum (standards, skills, objectives, etc.) around that?

If we did, I think our educational system would look different. Recently, I had a conversation with my EdTech Women group about the tech industry and education. Often, the tech industry is separate from the education industry and educators shape their teaching around those products. However, why not allow educators and the tech industry to merge so that educators drive product change and not the other way around?

Likewise, student passions and interests should drive education and change and not the other way around. When this shift occurs, our educational system will grow and change.

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