Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EdTech Austin Connects!

Tonight, EdTech Austin (@EdTechAustin) will be featuring a panel of educators all focusing on the topic of being a connected educator. Educators include moderators, Stephanie Cerda and Isabelle Shelton, and panelists, Jon Samuelson, George Couros, Greg Garner, and Sandy K.

This event is just one of many in EdTech Austin trying to bring connections between the EdTech industry and educators.

You can also stream live (through Business Hangouts) by registering here.

Or, you can tune in after the fact and watch it through the EdTech Austin YouTube channel.

If you have not tried out the Business Hangouts, you should! It integrates with the regular Hangouts On-Air, gives you the ability to have up to 20 registrants. Yes, attendees can register! Attendees can also raise their hands and you can send out confirmations, follow-ups, etc. It makes GHOs like WebEx or other comparable programs.

EdTech Women Austin (of which I am co-organizing) is also meeting up after the Connected Panel to discuss ways to give back to the community, ways to connect educators, and ways to get girls into EdTech. In upcoming meetups, we will focus on PBL - Passion Based Learning.

Stay tuned and join us tonight - virtually or in person! 

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