Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Google Galore!

If you didn't have the chance to watch yesterday's Google + announcement, you need to. There are many great changes coming to Google + and Hangouts shortly. Though, I am most excited about the ability to now plan Hangouts On-Air in the future. This would have come in perfect for our inaugural Google Ninja Academy this weekend. What are you post excited about? The Official Google Blog lists a summary of what was shared in the Google Hangout announcement.

Speaking of the Google Ninja Academy, we are only three days away! This is an actual Google Summit, but our school district is putting it on. We happen to have the largest number of certified Google Apps Trainers in any organization in the state of Texas. Yes, that's 14! At 500+ registrants, this academy will be an awesome place for educators to connect. Many of our teachers have not been to conferences beyond those in their subject matter. With this, we hope to cross content lines and school district lines. Success is in those authentic connections and we plan to nourish those through this conference. Equipped with a tech slam, learners' playground, Chromebook showcase, bloggers' cafe, Google Sensei bar, and over 100 sessions, it is jam-packed with learning! We will be tweeting out from @rrisdgsummit, #ninjaacademy and we hope you will follow us to encourage educators from around the state of Texas. Check our Website for video feeds after our conference.

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