Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Making information accessible

This semester, I started teaching an educational technology class to future teachers at a local university. Recently, a discussion about information equity was brought up - specifically - equal access to information.

One of the things that makes the internet great (and is also a source of concern for others) is how it makes information available to the public. Of course, you have to factor in - do people have access to the internet and is their content filtered. Those points aside, technology has still made information more accessible to the public. In fact, it's also given more people authored voices through social media, blogs, etc.

However, Google recently unveiled a new project - Google Constitute - that takes information access one step further. It helps digitize constitutions and allow for researchers and drafters to gain access to the world's constitutions.

Further, it helps create equity within the information realm and allows for constitutions to be put in the hands of future creators - our students.

I plan on looking further into this resource to see how it develops. Check it out!

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