Monday, March 17, 2014

Austin Area Education Outreach - Want to help?

This spring, the Austin, TX area is hosting a variety of outreach programs for K-12 students and staff to get more savvy in anything from programming to theater. These are all best practices. Though some may fall under the edtech umbrella, I would consider all just best practices.

So, check out the following events happening in Austin, TX area over the next months and spread the word! The goal is to connect these events and communities so knowledge is collaborative and information is shared.

March 29: Challenging Perceptions
Join area girls in Bastrop, Texas as they participate in engineering activities and build teamwork and life skills.

March 31-April 4: #warriorcode
Event is full of teacher-sourced problems that students develop script/code/app solutions for. Product demos are created and students/staff vote on winning solutions.

TBD April date: GEGCENTX launch
Google Educator Group Central Texas (GEGCENTX) will launch in April to connect educators in the area with Google updates and collaborative learning. Join the community today to start collaborating!

April 30: EdTech Action: Getting Involved in Austin's Schools
Join Edtech Austin in a discussion of outreach programs focused on edtech in the K-12 school system.

May 3: Playdate Austin
Students and staffs "play" to learn and share knowledge. All learning will be done with a twist: student-led

May 24-25: Austin CodeDay
Come solve problems together and join Austin in CodeDay!

October 25: RRISD Ninja Academy
Student-teaching strands as well as ninja belt strands make this one-day conference a unique chance for teachers to learn. Follow them on Twitter @rrisdninja

Do you know of others? Tweet me @christyfenne and I'll add them to the greater list! 

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