Monday, March 24, 2014

On a Google + Searching Mission

Today, I was on a mission to see if you can archive Google+ posts in a community. In the process, I found a few gems I had not previously known about Google+.

1. You can install the Chrome extension Do Share and, through that, you can schedule your Google+ posts!

2. Google+ Ripples - You can see the impact of one post you have made. You can see how far the post has spread and to whom it has spread to.

3. Authorship - You can link anything you create on the Web to a chosen Google + profile.

Though, I still have not figured out how to archive Google + posts in Communities I own, I intend to help my staff recognize the link between Google+ and Web curating. With ripples and authorship, users can see the impact of their social presence on the Web. And, this is a new way of thinking. Before, we posted something to the Web and it was just that - a post. Now, it is part of our Web identity and Web presence. If we help teachers understand this fine difference, how will that impact learning and the way students function online?

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