Friday, March 14, 2014


As I've become more and more committed to the EdTech (assuming that is what we'll call it) scene, I've realized my focuses have become scattered. When I first entered the scene in 2009, I was focused on digital literacy and citizenship as a high school English teacher. Even this blog is still called Literacy 2.0 in honor of that initial focus. However, after I transitioned out of the classroom and into the role of tech director and instructional tech specialist, my focuses have expanded.

And, that's the question, as a "specialist," should have have one or two main focuses that I consider myself a near expert in or can I pursue multiple interests, only being knowledgeable in each? When I think of some of the icons in the field, I realize they are associated with one aspect of EdTech - not with many. I, on the other hand, am interested in digital literacy, EdTech developer and teacher merging, student voice, digital storytelling, GAFE - to name just a few.

So, if it is important to narrow down the focus, how do you become "edufocused" to avoid burnout and to contribute a lasting input to the field?

If I do not have a focus, does this impact the teachers I serve? Does it overwhelm them? How can we work more collaboratively so that, if I have a question on 4th grade science, I have an easy place to go? If we have a focus, can we develop hives or communities of innovation where we work together to share ideas?

Let's get edufocused!

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