Friday, May 2, 2014

A Gathering of Great Minds

As a co-organizer of Google Educator Group Central Texas (GEG CENTX), I can admit - getting the group going during the spring has been challenging.

From thinking of social events to virtual communities, ideas have not caught on. Part of it I attribute to the central Texas dynamics. Texas is a BIG state and we are all spread out. So, it loses that sense of connection. That said, though, how can we still achieve a sense of community?

And, then, it hit me after discussing the issues with a co-worker. Why not do a GEG EdCamp (EdCamp GEGCENTX). It would be a gathering of great minds and an opportunity to learn. And, why not try it during the deadest month of the year - July?

We need more authentic learning experiences for teachers and GEG should be the leaders in providing this.

So, I ask you, what are the largest educational needs in the CENTX community? Shouldn't that be what GEG serves?

What do you need? What do your teachers need?

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