Friday, May 30, 2014

Prepping for staff first-ever EdCamp

EdCamps have finally made their way into my campuses. To ease teachers (many of whom have never attended conferences in the way we think of them now - with session choices, open learning spaces, etc.), I asked teachers to use Google Moderator to submit session ideas and to use the comments feature to add their names next to any sessions they thought they could facilitate. Others used the voting feature on moderator to vote for ones they liked.

I used the voting numbers to duplicate sessions that had high voting totals. All sessions "made" the cut because I wanted everyone - no matter how small the numbers - to have the chance to learn something they were interested in.

Next, I used Moderator's csv export feature to upload the results into a Google Spreadsheet.

I've allowed teachers to see the list already, but the list continues to change as ideas continue to populate. This is a dynamic learning experience and teachers do not have to sign-up. They simply go where they want to and learn what they want to.

I've created this blend - doing some of the session creating beforehand - to help ease teachers into this type of learning - one that is actually focused on, well, learning.

Stay tuned for more information on how EdCamp Slam and EdCamp Wood go at my respective campuses. Click on the Website links above to gain access to any materials. Feel free to reuse and recycle! 

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