Friday, May 23, 2014

Trending up, trending down?

Recently, I read an article on the trends in Educational Technology for 2015. And, it is not what made the trends up that surprised me, but the realization of what was on the trends down. I look around at the staff that I work with and think about where we are: trending up, trending awkward, or trending down. Though, I am always trying to share trending up ideas and bring them to the staff, only several of the items on the trending up list are actually implemented. Where we are, for the most part, is trending awkward. And, a few are still trending down.

So, the big question: Is our district unique in this or are we the norm? From other districts I have consulted, we appear to be the norm. So, how to we get our districts to be trending up? How do we turn our thoughts from that of the "lone nut" to an actual best practice? How do we move from just being trends to being trendsetters? And, lastly, how do we ensure we are part of an educational change and not part of the bandwagon?

I think it is the latter question that instills fear in educators and administrators and prevents them from being educational change drivers. Some will say they have seen "fads" cycle back into education so they are hardened against trends. So, how do we get these teachers to change without being just another bandwagon follower?

This, to me, is the hardest part of our jobs as educators - how do we know the difference between a successful trend and one that needs to fail? And, do we need to know? Is failing a bad thing?

As I try to bring new ideas into our district and get more teachers innovating, I face these questions daily. How do we give teachers some security whilst changing? Or, is security a necessary thing?

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