Thursday, March 26, 2015

A little fun with Chrome Apps & Extensions

Sometimes, it’s fun to just have a Chrome Apps and Extensions. As if they weren’t cool enough already, these apps and extensions are just enough to push you past your spring slump and into spring joy.


  1. Cornify
You can never have enough unicorns on one screen. With a simple click, add as many unicorns as your heart desires!
2. Nothing

Sometimes, it’s great to do...nothing. And, this extension does exactly that: nothing.
3. No Cyrus

Tired of seeing stuff about Miley Cyrus? You can fix that with one simple click.

4. Jailbreak the Patriarchy

Genderswap your view of the Web. Change out pronouns and gender words. Cool!

5. Libdoge

You can never have enough “doge” on your page. Add more!

6. New Mustachio

Add mustaches to everyone and everything!

7. Ncage

And, you can certainly never have enough Nicolas Cage! Change all images to Nicolas Cage.

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