Monday, March 30, 2015

#beyouedu: Taking Ownership

A week or two ago, Dr. Will posted a challenge on YouTube  for educators to join the #beyouedu movement. The Beyouedu movement is about bring back authenticity to the edu movement. It's about taking ownership of your social identity. It's about taking pride in who you are as an educator. And, it's about being you and being okay with being you.

I'm familiar with my teaching saying "I'm not Susan. I'm not techie so I can't do that." My response to that was always: "No, you're not. But what can YOU do?" The first step is always taking ownership in what you do, what you can do, and what you will do.

I see the same comments, though, in the Edu scene. We compare ourselves to others and find failure in that, rather than taking in ownership in what we do, can do, and will do. Seek out others for inspiration, not for assessment or status checkers. It's important to be real as well. You are not just an educator. Be human. Be You. Don't be on the race to the top. Enjoy the learning process. Show your human side. You are your business. Own You incorporated.

Ownership of information is different than ownership of learning. We often confuse the two. We forget that we own our own learning while we are trying to own some piece of information or knowledge. Knowledge is not something we can own. It belongs to everyone. It is shared. It's communal. When it is owned, learning stops.

You do, however, own You Incorporated and, you own your own learning. You decide what you will learn, what you can learn, and what you want to learn. Don't try to own knowledge. Do own your own learning, though. Be proud of what you know and what you offer.

I, too, get lost in the sea of greatness and feel like I am not doing enough. So, I like to ask myself these questions to make sure I am in charge of ME.

1. What do I do/learn?

2. What can I do/learn?

3. What will I do/learn?

Always keep these questions in mind whether you're a classroom teacher seeking to innovate or a "pro," wanting to do more. With ownership comes responsibility - a responsibility to share knowledge and to continue defining YOU.

What do you own? Do you own your learning and your path or do you own a set of knowledge?

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  1. This is so awesome sauce. You've got me buzzing over here. Thank you for the afternoon inspiration.