Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GEG Innovation Challenge #txgeg

I get to work with an awesome bunch of Google innovators through my work as a GEG leader. A few months back, +Kasey Bell shared an idea to revamp Hangouts on Air with an Innovation Challenge. The twist: once a month, educators share out an awesome idea they are implementing in 30 minutes or less. And...after the Hangout, viewers must share ways they have taken the strategy and implemented it. The goal is that more ideas will be generated and innovation will spread.

Tonight we featured, +Alicia Brooks, an awesome educator and fellow Texan, who spoke of using DocAppender as a text response tool. In case you missed it, you can watch the event here. And, don't skip the challenge at the end.

I challenge you to try out Alicia's suggestions and share out how you have been able to use DocAppender.

You can find all of our Innovation Challenges on our Website. In the meantime, get to learning!

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