Friday, May 1, 2015

Fenn Faves for #GAFE

I've been keeping a running presentation for each Google App for a while to document my favorite features and the ones I have learned from others. So, in the spirit of GAFE, share on and share out!

Find more GAFE resources on

Drawings updates -

  • I discovered Joshua Pomeroy's awesome vector drawings in Google Drawings recently. And, I couldn't help but continue to share it out as an awesome tool for graphics and art classes. 
  • I discovered a great idea of creating time lapse drawings in Google Drawings from Neil Boyd. This is great for showing things like the water cycle.

Docs updates
  • I use this feature all the time, but it hadn't occurred to me until a recent Google Docs blog post to include in here. To ensure someone response to your comments in Google Docs/Presentations/Drawings/etc., you can use +and their email address in the comment. Example: 

Stay tuned for more updates & check out Google Hacked for more ideas. 

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