Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#txgeg: Getting creative with Google Slides, GEG Innovation Challenge

In case you missed +Krissy Venosdale  talk about getting creative with Google Slides tonight, you can catch it all on our GEG Innovation Challenge or on our event page. She shares how to use Slides for posters, portfolios, class planners, timers, and more!

We are still looking for more presenters. So, if you're interested, be sure to fill out this form! You only need to present for 30 minutes. Topics are your choice, but should be themed in Google. You don't have to be a Google Ninja to present. Just share the things you are doing to innovate.

And, if you do watch, we encourage you to do the innovation challenge portion of the hangout. And, by that, we mean to try out the ideas present and post your successes/obstacles into the event page. The goal is to not only watch and learn, but to try and to innovate.

Those who innovate will be featured in our "spotlight educators'" section of our GEG Website. Want to learn more? Check our our Website for past hangouts and innovation challenges! You can also subscribe to our GEG Innovation Challenge Playlist. Happy innovating!

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