Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dictionaries, vocab builders galore, Day #4--Top 10 Writing Apps

In addition to deciding upon topics and brainstorming topics, improving vocabulary is an important part of writing. In my English classes, I taught vocab within context clues. So, if we were reading a novel, students would learn the words within the context. However, writing can also be used to improve vocabulary--within context.

Some great resources are listed below:


  • Lingro: Though this Website is mainly for translating all of the text on a Webpage and defining each translated word, it is still useful for giving definitions of a student's writing that he/she typed--it's a great proofreader. 
  • Merriam-Webster: This one goes without saying. The online version is more easily used by students as this is the format they are familiar with. 
  • Word Hippo: A translator/dictionary 
  • Your Dictionary: Build your own dictionary

Vocab builders:

  • Word-curious: This allows you to build your own glossary lists. Students can use this to build lists from what they write. 
  • Vocabahead: This one helps improve SAT vocab.
  • Got Brainy: This features different words with their definitions.

Sentence builders:

  • WordItOut: Transform text into word clouds
  • Wordia: Play games with sentences
Stay tuned for information on how to incorporate show v. tell in your writing!

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