Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brainstorming apps make writing easy, Day #2--Top 10 Writing Apps

Brainstorming is the first phase in the writing process so I'll showcase brainstorming apps first. As I move through the writing process, I'll showcase the other apps through the final steps of publishing and sharing. There are tools for every stage in the writing process!

A couple of months ago, I featured Wridea, Wallwisher, and Lino on my blog, all of which are great brainstorming tools for students and teachers. In fact, you can even compose and showcase your writings through Wridea and Lino.

And, those are just the beginning to some great brainstorming apps for students of a variety of ages:

  • site: Allows you to create your own bubble maps and share them with others. You can embed them, export them, and collaborate on them with others. 
  • Mind 42: This is another mind mapping software (free). Once again, you can share, collaborate with others, export the maps, and embed them into a Web interface. This tool allows for a lot of customization. 
  • Mind Meister: In addition to Mind 42's abilities, you can integrate a Skype video into the map. You can also import maps. However, you are limited to 6 free maps.
  • Mindomo: Like the others, this tool can share, collaborate, export, and import. And, it is far more detailed. You can also add it on as an extension to your Google Apps for Education account so everyone at your district can use it. 
  • Gliffy: Like Mindomo, it is also available through Google Apps

Stay tuned for writing tools featuring the following: dictionaries, vocabulary builders, sentence construction, adding descriptive details, peer-review, and publishing/sharing. 

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