Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting started with video-editing software, Day #8--Digital Storytelling in a nutshell

Once you decide upon which software best suits your needs, it is important to familiarize yourself with the particular software/tool. After you are familiar with the inner workings of the program, you can begin to lay out your materials. Stay tuned for the next post where I will present several examples of quality digital stories and how to best combine all elements--images, voice, music, text, transitions, etc.

Below are a few tutorials that provide useful insight into the inner workings of each software:

  1. Movie Maker (not the Vista and Windows 7 versions) tutorial from Atomic Learning:; tutorial from the University of Texas (Hook 'em!):
  2. Animoto tutorial from Animoto itself:
  3. Photostory tutorial from David Jakes: and a handout from David Jakes:
  4. iMovie tutorial from the University of Texas School of Information: and tutorials from Apple:
  5. Premiere tutorial from the Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley:

All of the above tutorials are detailed and provide a helpful overview of the top five digital storytelling software programs. Stay tuned for the best in digital storytelling examples. 

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