Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top 10 apps for writing--Day #1

Writing is no longer limited to paper and pencil activities. Rather, with Web 2.0 tools and a variety of new software, writing speaks to a much larger audience.

There are apps for:

  • brainstorming
  • the writing process
  • collaborating
  • and many more
Unlike in a typical paper classroom, the variety of writing applications allow teachers to connect with other classrooms and collect writing samples electronically. This also lends itself to electronic portfolios, blogging, Websites, and other online media. 

And, writing does not stop with the traditional formal and information writing types (narrative, research, compare and contrast, etc.). Rather, it extends to the movie medium, the arts, and any other medium that mimics the process. For instance, when making a movie, students need the traditional writing elements: subject, plot, action, climax, resolution, transitions, and more. However, the medium in which they present it is different. 

Over the next ten days, learn what apps are out there for assisting students and educators through the entire writing process--from brainstorming and storyboards to collaborating and publishing!

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