Friday, January 10, 2014


Yesterday, I had the privilege of talking to Jessie Arora of TeacherSquare as part of our ETW Hangout On-Air series. In discussing, she brought up the point that PD needs to evolve with the new technologies. Likewise, we need to give opportunities for our students to experiment. She brought up this phrasing instead of saying students need to fail.

These discussions aren't new, but they seem to get even more importance. How do we provide meaningful PD? Do they have to be the standard 6 hour sessions or can they be broken up? Can they be delivered online? And, can we award credit to non-standard opportunities like MOOCs, etc.

And, how do we create authentic opportunities for our students to experiment?

Lastly, the concept of "leaning in" was introduced - how can we better connect while still maintaining that power to grow as individual. George Saunders gave a graduation speech at Syracuse last year, reinforcing the need to "be kind." What do you think? Where is the balance between growing as a collective and working on individual growth?

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