Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lego and Chrome united?

Yesterday, the Official Google Blog announced the partnership of Chrome with Lego. Now, you can build Lego masterpieces right inside your Chrome browser. There is a Build Academy where you can "learn to become a master builder." The application is supported in touch screen environments as well so users can build with their hands rather than a mouse. This is just another application to stem from the Chrome WebGL Experiments. As users build things, products go into the Chrome Experiments. Therefore, users get to publish products!

The only problem I see is that the login is through Google +. For users to use this application, they will need a Google + account. However, in a GAFE domain, Google + is not always turned on because of the under 13 rule and concern over social media. Though, users can still build without Google +, they need it to be able to share creations and build with others.

Check out Build with Chrome!

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