Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I've had the "should students have email" and "do students really use email" debate numerous times over the last few years. Within my own district, we have student to staff email, but nothing else for a couple of reasons: first, the belief that students do not use email and second, the concern for safety of students emailing other students our outside the domain. However, in recent discussions, I wonder what the long term impact is on withholding email from students. In my experience teaching elementary through college, I have not found others who teach correct email correspondence. Yet, in the business world, that is still the main form of communication. In assuming that, since students prefer to text and Tweet, are we selling students short in not providing them email and email education?

When I was in high school, I can recall learning how to type up formal letters. At the time, email was already becoming a more predominate way of communication. However, in the professional world, "snail mail" was still the top choice. So, we were taught how to write. Do we need to apply the same ideology to students now?

And, by being fearful of students emailing to the outside, are we failing to provide them with education? Can education overcome negative behaviors?

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