Friday, January 31, 2014

Featured Educators & EdTech Connect

Stephanie Cerda and I are re-birthing EdTech Connect with a new fervor this spring to connect tech entrepreneurs and educators by putting educators in the drivers' seat. However, we are looking to feature and chronicle teacher stories. For instance, we had the opportunity of visiting with Dan Wheeler, a Del Valley teacher, who raised over $12,000 through social media crowdsourcing for Chromebooks in his classroom. We want to raise awareness of these teachers - teachers like Cynthia Ruiz who are innovators in their classroom and who are finding new uses of existing technologies to increase student learning.

We will chronicle the stories of these educators and entrepreneurs through blogs, social media, and Google Hangouts On-Air. If you are interested in connecting and collaborating with an educator or developer, be sure to complete our form. And, if you know of any who would be great to highlight, please contact us and check out our site:

We'll feature our progress in this endeavor as we build authentic connections between educators and tech entrepreneurs on our site as well.

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