Tuesday, April 7, 2015

8 New Secrets from a Google Ninja

Some of my favorite things Google-related have nothing to do with having a Google account. Some call these the lesser-known tools of Google, but I call them Google’s secrets. These are just the tip of Google’s other projects. Check out Fennovation.org or the Secrets of a Google Ninja for more fun!


Google’s Secrets

Email encryption is a serious thing. Not all providers encrypt their messages. Google’s Transparency Report allows consumers to view data on this topic.

Through the Google One Today, you can give to causes that mean something to you. This is a great resource for finding service project ideas as well. Find associated organizations and more material about the causes.

Google sponsors Solar Impulse, a site dedicated to exploring these solar flights launching around the world. Review a pilot’s vital signs and track these planes LIVE. The data is impressive and instantaneous.

With Tiger Tracker, you can measure your own distance walking/traveling each day against the tigers. Your participation goes to help save tigers. Join the project & help save tigers!

Choose from a variety of free and at-cost courses to help you learn how Google can facilitate you as a classroom teacher.

Join Pharrell Williams and make your own Happy Gif to celebrate Happiness awareness. A great exercise in social collaboration. What movement can you start?

New to Google Hangouts? Try Ping Pong Hangouts as a Hangout App to get you familiar with all of Hangouts’ wonderful features.
8. Sound Search for Google Play

Sound Search for Google Play - simply click on the app, hold up your phone to music and it will find the song on Google Play. I use this one all the time to find songs on the radio that I like!

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